Join the Harney family for a one of a kind tea-centered tour of Japan. For well over a thousand years not only have the Japanese been drinking tea, but it has been an integral part of local culture. For anyone who loves to drink green tea, Japan is a must-visit. Harney & Sons Fine Tea has been importing tea directly from Japan for over 35 years, and the family has decades-long personal relationships with the best tea growers in the industry.

Over ten nights, our small group hosted by Emeric Harney and Rob Russotti (pictured above with local tea suppliers) will travel from Tokyo to the imperial capital of Kyoto and back again. Much of the tea production in Japan occurs in the hills and valleys between these cities, and we’ll visit those famous tea producing destinations— Uji, Wazuka, Shizuoka, and Kakegawa. In each place we’ll meet with friends of the Harneys to visit their tea farms and processing facilities, get to know them and learn about the people, tea and culture of this fascinating island nation.

We’ll visit at the beginning of the first tea harvest, known as shincha, it’s the perfect time for tea lovers to go to Japan to try the perfectly delicate newly picked tea. Together we will dive in to explore Japan from the tea fields to the skyscrapers, the Imperial Gardens of Tokyo to the matcha factories of Uji. We hope you will join us!

  • Tour cost is $4,850 based on double occupancy
  • Air travel is not included but Onward Travel is happy to assist. Please see the Itinerary PDF for additional information on coordinating your flight
  • Contact Onward Travel with questions at 845-293-2729 or