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Why small group travel?

There are many different ways to see the world and small group travel is just one of them. But whether you’re a seasoned, confident traveler or a newbie setting out on your own, we believe you’ll enjoy the benefits of a well planned and interesting small group tour. Here’s what we offer:

Ample free time for those whose favorite way to explore a new destination is a good wander or an afternoon at a sidewalk cafe watching the town go by.


Onward Travel

More time actively participating in experiencing the destination … no reading the guidebook at breakfast!


Onward Travel

We meticulously plan the details of every trip. Often on our own personal travels we truly wish we could experience a destination the way we would with Onward, with ample planning and prep and very little wasted time.

Expect a wonderful sense of camaraderie with fellow travelers on the trip, as well as introductions to interesting locals. Get to know new people, and make new friends, as you explore together.


Onward Travel

Our groups are the perfect size: evenings together turn into festive dinner parties, and interesting local “doers” are willing to open their doors for us for behind-the-scenes access unavailable to solo travelers.


Onward Travel

With us, you won’t have to work hard to see the place. Know you’re going to get the most out of your time on vacation, so just enjoy it as it comes.