There are many different ways to see the world and small group travel is just one of them. But whether you’re a seasoned, confident traveler or a newbie setting out on your own, we believe you’ll enjoy the benefits of a well planned and interesting small group tour. Need something more specific? We offer custom tours as well.

London Tea Tour
with Harney & Sons Tea
July 20–26, 2018
[1 Spot Available]

Croatia: Istrian Immersion
September 7—15, 2018
[Sold Out]

Autumn in Provence
with Olive Oil Outpost
September 22—30, 2018
[Sold Out]

Amore in Italy: Tuscany
with Amore Trattoria Italiana
October 6—14, 2018
[Sold Out]

Grand Rapids in Perugia: Sister Cities Anniversary Tour
with Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, Chef Jenna Arcidiacono & The Perugia Sister Cities Committee
October 14—21, 2018

Cook Like a Tuscan
Hands-On Culinary Immersion in Italy
with The Chopping Block
October 27—November 3, 2018
[Sold Out]

Harney & Sons Tea in Japan
An Adventure for Tea Lovers with Harney & Sons Fine Tea
April 27—May 7, 2019

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