At the end of summer, let’s visit the Alps together. This exciting adventure will see our small group journey through three countries. We’ll ascend mountains and cruise on lakes, spend time in sleepy hamlets and major cities, all the while experiencing the history culture, cuisine and topography that make this stunning region in the heart of Europe so special.

The Alps are one of the world’s most iconic mountain ranges, spanning 750 miles over 8 countries. They are famous for shimmering lakes, soaring peaks and a deeply rooted local culture. An ancient farming region, the sustainable small-scale Alpine agriculture practices still produce some of the most delicious meats, cheeses and produce you can find… and let’s not forget the legendary beer and chocolate!

Our tour begins with two nights in lovely Lucerne, Switzerland, and then we travel through the mountains to Salzburg, Austria, by train, with a night in a picturesque Alpine village on the way. After two nights in Salzburg we move on to the Bavarian capital of Munich, Germay, for three more nights. As we make our way from Switzerland to Austria to Germany we’ll dive into the fascinating history, scenery, culture and cuisine of the beloved Alpine region.

  • Trip fee is $3,475 based on double occupancy
  • Air travel is not included but Onward Travel is happy to assist. Please see the Itinerary for additional information on coordinating your flight.
  • Contact Onward Travel with questions at 845-293-2729 or